8 Juli 2017

It is easy to display a birthday on the right day with the scheduling function on your Dayclock by the following settings. Note: We presume your familiarity with importing a Google, Outlook or Android schedule.

Add birthdays to your clock with scheduling function

  1. Go to your Google, Outlook or Android Schedule. 2. Export your calendar (ICS format). 3. Go to the Dayclocks login page. 4. Log in with your username and password. 5. Select ‘import’. 6. Select the exported file. 7. Select a background colour for the activity. 8. Select ‘import’. 9. The activities will be imported. 10. Go back to ‘Schedule’ to view the added activities. DayClocks wishes you a happy birthday and convenient use of your DayClocks Clock with scheduling function. Interested in purchasing a DayClock?

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