8 Juli 2017

There are different types of clocks for dementia available, among others there are Dayclox and Clockaid; they visually display time to add to the structure in the life of older demented elderly.


Why choose DayClock?

The basic functions of DayClock are the same as the clocks mentioned above, but DayClock has developed further in the past years. Next to the Clock function the digital clock also contains a build-in scheduling function. Appointments can be planned by the surrounding environment of the user and will bring realisation of time and support with planning to elderly. Elderly do not have to operate the tablet themselves, but will only receive the information. Nothing can go wrong!


The limitations of Clockaid and Dayclox compared to DayClock

DayClock has been working very hard to stay as user-friendly, with as many added value to the elderly as possible. Among others, we make it able to add photographs to the scheduling points. An appointment with granddaughter at 10 a.m.? You can add a photo of the granddaughter to the appointment to strengthen your message. For example, the Clockaid is an app you can download. Practical experience teaches us that separate apps are difficult to comprehend for elderly in the Netherlands. That is why DayClock provides a separate tablet, purely for adding more structure to the life of your (grand) mother or (grand) father.

The DayClocks photo album

Also, the DayClock provides the option to add a photo album for days when there are no activities planned. Photographs of loved ones will make elderly think about their family and friends and relive happy memories.

Comments about DayClocks

We are delighted about the positive responses we have received about our product. Several comments: “Certainly recommendable for everyone who has a family member who needs some guidance. The DayClock is a 10!”. Wies Schijns “We have been helped tremendeously by DayClock. My parents are now aware of the day and part of the day. Also, they get a notification for taking their medication.” Miranda. Are you curious about the DayClock.

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